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S t a c y  and  J o e y   designers, co-owners

Stacy Andersen and Joey Johnson, are the principal designers and owners of Remedy Furniture & Design Center.


Together they provide a fully-personalized custom design experience. Their unique, modern, stylish designs have topped the charts for big name commercial projects and their residential installs provide both fashion and function to their client's homes.

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For a design consultation, please call:


A b o u t   J o e y   J o h n s o n

Joey’s background designing custom kitchens and baths led to hands-on construction remodeling projects. Her knowledge of the construction process is invaluable to the design of a completed space. She had her own welding business, is accomplished in furniture space planning and textiles, and her studies of paint and color pigments add to her skills in the design process. 

"With commercial projects, we really try to infuse the designs to be an extension of their business. We work intimately with the business owners and builders to communicate their business goals through the furniture, colors, textiles, and key pieces we place in the designs," says Joey. "We are your partner and at the end of the day we make sure you take credit for the design and your name is in the spotlight."

A b o u t   S t a c y   A n d e r s e n

"I am one of the principal designers and owners of Remedy Furniture & Design, a full-service interior design firm and resource center for independent designers. I’ve been designing and furnishing homes and commercial spaces for over 17 years.

I love listening to my client’s design challenges and process the story each one is trying to tell me. Once I’ve gathered enough information I can get to work on a design concept and proposal that shares with them my solution to a beautiful yet functional space.  The proposal and execution of the design concept is what really excites me! Sharing my vision with them is like announcing to them they won the lottery and then install day comes and it feels like Christmas morning! I love my job!


My background began as a licensed marketing representative for various title & escrow companies where I rubbed shoulders with mortgage lenders, investors, bankers, real estate agents and developers. Once I figured out how to bring business through the door and establish a relationship with my clients I couldn’t help but see their deal all the way through.  I jumped into a position as an escrow assistant where I could clear their title, fund, record and disperse their transaction. Shortly after my title days I became a licensed real estate agent where I could practice property management for my investors and developers. Once managing properties, a reoccurring need to furnish common area spaces, clubhouses and model homes arouse. Helping run the numbers for my investors and following this inner tug for interior design that I studied while attending Utah State University began to re-surface once again.  I couldn’t suppress the desire to offer them a design solution provided by me as a side job, and so it began.


Seventeen years later, I’ve design everything from a commercial aircraft hangar, restaurant, retail store, and of course new construction homes and remodels of all kinds. I love a good design challenge! After 14 years of doing independent design work and sourcing product just about everywhere my husband and I decided we needed a solution or “remedy” to my design needs.  In 2015, we partnered with the talented designer Joey Johnson and together the three of us formed Remedy Furniture & Design Center.  After our first year together using the design center we realized how beneficial it was to our design process and knew it could benefit other designers just like us. In 2016, we chose to open our doors to outside independent designers allowing Remedy to become a gathering place for collaboration, sourcing, and production of stellar design work. Remedy has become a hub and brokerage for many.  We continue to encourage each designer to follow their own pathway but rely on Remedy to support and back their design solutions. As our journey continues we hope to find you in it because we all love a good design story!"


One-on-one consultations, on-site or in-home


Access to exclusive product lines


Hands on opportunity to see, touch and experience a variety of design options


A designed space that is fashionable as well as purposeful


Engaged team of design professionals whose sole purpose is to create truly one-of-a-kind spaces

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